Month: December 2015

Episode 028

The (Edward) Hand of Washington & the Second Battle of Trenton

Washington had won the Battle of Trenton, and a poor command decision now leaves Edward Hand to delay the incoming British reinforcements while Washington tries to organize his defenses.

Episode 027

Battle of Trenton – Washington vs. Rall

Washington has crossed the Delaware river and is poised to take Trenton. Standing is his way is a Hessian garrison lead by Johann Gotliebb Rall.

Episode 026

Battle of Trenton – Washington Crosses the Delaware

By December 7, 1776 George Washington had successfully retreated across the Delaware River. The British forces pursing him decided to bed down for the winter. Washington however, has a different plan in mind...

Episode 025

Spying During the Revolutionary War – Part II

We continue with Part II of our discussion on spying during the Revolutionary War, with conversations around the "Turtle", Washington's big communication break, and stories of several of his intelligence agents.

Episode 024

Spying During the Revolutionary War – Part I

There have been TV series and movies that centered around covert activities or spying during the Revolutionary War. What actually happened that you should be aware of?