Month: March 2016

Episode 41

The Battle of Saratoga – Part III: Bemis Heights

The Battle of Bemis Heights is the final part of the overarching Battle of Saratoga. Here we'll see Benedict Arnold act without orders to lead his units to victory, a victory which would cause John Burgoyne to surrender over 5,000 men.

Episode 040

The Battle of Saratoga – Part II: Freeman’s Farm

The first shots are fired at the Battle of Saratoga in a skirmish referred to as The Battle of Freeman's Farm, which will pit Benedict Arnold and Daniel Morgan against British Generals Fraser and Hamilton.

Episode 039

The Battle of Saratoga – Part I

The Battle of Saratoga would result from Burgoyne's maneuvering of his troops in an advance on Albany NY, but in his way stood Horatio Gates, who had just recently relieved Phillip Schuyler of his command.

Episode 038

Fifes, Drums & Kentucky Rifles

This week we'll discuss fife and drums for battlefield communications and a game changing piece of technology: The Kentucky Rifle.

Episode 037

Battle of The Clouds & The Paoli Massacre

After the Battle of Brandywine, Washington decides to press forward against the British in the short lived Battle of the Clouds. Afterwards Wayne's militia come under surprise attack in the Paoli Massacre