Month: May 2016

Episode 049

Georgia On My Mind – Capture of Savannah & Battle of Kettle Creek

After the Battle of Saratoga, it was deemed that the Southern colonies would be high priority targets. Starting with Georgia and South Carolina...

Episode 048

On the Rhode (Island) Again – Battle of Quaker Hill

As the Illinois Campaign kicked off in the Western territory of the Colonies, A battle would take place on Rhode Island, around Quaker Hill with American Sullivan facing off against British Pigot

Episode 047

The Long Knives of Clark – Illinois Campaign

The Illinois Campaign would be an almost year long campaign lead by American commander George Roger Clark to liberate the French inhabitants of Illinois from the local British Government

Episode 046

Lee You Had One Job – The Battle of Monmouth

In full retreat from Philadelphia to New York, British Commander Sir Henry Clinton is challenged outside Monmouth Courthouse by none other than George Washington himself.