Month: June 2016

Episode 054

Leave a Light On – Light Horse Harry Lee & The Battle of Paulus Hook.

American Major Light Horse Harry Lee, inspired by Anthony Wayne launches a nighttime raid on the British-controlled fort near Paulus Hook in what is today downtown Jersey City.

Episode 053

You Mad Bro? – “Mad” Anthony Wayne & The Battle of Stony Point

Under orders from George Washington and with a numerical disadvantage "Mad" Anthony Wayne pulls of a daring surprise raid at the garrison of Stony Point, NY

Episode 052

Leave No Stono Unturned – Battle of Stono River

American General Benjamin Lincoln, recovering from his defeat at Briar Creek, reorganizes and reengages the British outside of Charleston, SC in June of 1779

Episode 051

Trouble in the Briar Patch – The Battle of Briar Creek

Coming off a decisive & morale boosting victory at Kettle Creek, the American forces get dealt a stunning blow at the Battle of Briar (Brier) Creek

Episode 050

A Royal Disaster – The Battle of Port Royal Island

In February 1779, A diversionary British force is in South Carolina, clashes with Continental forces on Port Royal Island, lead by our old friend Brig. General William Moultrie.