Month: July 2016

Episode 058

Charleston Has Fallen – 1780 Siege of Charleston, SC

Henry Clinton realizes that the North is a stalemate, and sets his eyes on what he thinks is a hot bed of British Loyalists who will rally to the King in Charleston, SC.

Episode 057

Winter is Coming – Washington in Morristown, NJ

Washington prepares for his second stay in Morristown, NJ, which will turn out to be a far worse winter than one he would endure at Valley Forge. During his stay, his army is also on the verge of mutiny due to lack of food and supplies.

Episode 056

John Paul Jones & The Siege of Savannah

A quick naval battle with John Paul Jones, and then we head down to Savannah where a French/American Force meets heavy British resistance.

Episode 055

Stories with Soldiers – Ryan Michler

I'm joined by Ryan Michler of (and the Order of Man podcast) to discuss his service in the National Guard, his deployment to Ramadi, and how he's adjusted after.