Month: August 2016

Episode 062

The Paddle Shaped Ridge – The Battle of Kings Mountain Part II

British officer Ferguson and his men are settled on the top of Kings Mountain, approaching are more than 900 Patriot men, whose single mission is to get Ferguson before he gets them.

Episode 061

The Ride of The Over Mountain Men – Battle of Kings Mountain Part I

We'll start our conversation of the Battle of Kings Mountain by talking about the group of men that would make up the core fighting force and the chess game played between local Patriot Forces and British General Ferguson.

Episode 060

Do You Smell what the Rock is Cookin’? – Battles of Hanging Rock, SC & Camden, SC

Shortly after Charleston we see yet another set of battles crop up between Patriots and Loyalists in the South Hanging Rock, SC and Camden, SC. Also, we'll have a brief mention of a man named John Andre.

Episode 059

Wax On, Waxhaw – Battle of the the Waxhaws and Ramsuer’s Mill

Two small battles this week, both directly related to the fall of Charleston, SC in May of 1780. We'll start in SC for the Battle of The Waxhaws (aka - Buford's Massacre) and then head near my hometown, to discuss Ramseur's Mill.