Month: September 2016

Episode 067

The Battle of Hobkirk’s Hill & The Siege of Fort Granby

Two smaller battles, one a loss and one a victory that were instrumental in Patriot Commander Nathaniel Greene's control of the south were Hobkirks Hill and the Siege of Fort Granby, both in South Carolina

Episode 066

Battles of Torrence Tavern & Guilford Courthouse

We'll start with a battle that hits close to home for me (literally), then move into Guilford Courthouse near modern day Greensboro, which while a British victory, would turn into one of the larger turning points for the Patriots in the Southern Campaign.

Episode 065

The Battle of Cowan’s Ford

On January 17, Cornwallis was on the move. He sent Tarleton to meet Morgan; they clashed at Cowpens and Morgan gave the British cavalry a resounding defeat. Now Cornwallis, smarting at this new setback started in determined pursuit of Morgan, who began retreating toward Mecklenburg.

Episode 064

Tarleton v Morgan – The Battle of Cowpens, Part II

This week we continue our discussion on the Battle of Cowpens and we see what happens when an over eager Tarletan engages a poised and ready Daniel Morgan.

Episode 063

The Return of Daniel Morgan – Battle of Cowpens, Part I

We start our discussion on the Battle of Cowpens this week with the return of one of our favorite Patriot commanders: Daniel Morgan. We'll also discuss both Greene's and Cornwallis's plans for the south following the battle of Kings Mountain.