Month: September 2017

Episode 120

Battles of Contreras and Churubusco

American General Winfield Scott and Mexican General Santa Anna square off again with the Battle of Contreras and what started as a cleanup operation that turned into the Battle of Churubusco

Episode 119

The Battle of Cerro Gordo

In this week's episode we'll jump into the slug fest between Maj General's Winfield Scott and Mexican Army General Santa Anna. We'll also see a few familiar names pop up, including that of Robert E Lee.

Episode 118

The Capture of Monterrey & The Battle of Buena Vista

Future US President Zachary Taylor captures the Mexican city of Monterrey and moved on to defeat Santa Anna at Buena Vista

Episode 117

The Mexican-American War – Annexation of Texas & Battle of Palo Alto

To understand the Mexican War, we have to start out with some politics and learn why Mexico was upset about losing Texas to the United States, and we'll learn that the dispute really focused on one