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Episode 128

Replay The Battle of Bunker Hill – Parts I & II

Hi American Military History podcast listeners - just a quick heads up that this episode is a replay of one of my favorite episodes over the past few years. We’re doing replays in December and the first part of January to give me time to prepare our episodes on the Civil War.

Episode 127

Replay: The Battle of Baltimore

This is a replay of one of our earlier episodes - we'll be back with new episodes in mid January 2018

Episode 126

The Utah War

This week's episode focuses on the Utah War, a roughly 10-ish week war where not a single shot was fired - and an American Army loss was the result

Episode 125

Matthew Perry Goes to Japan

This week we'll join Matthew Perry as he travels to the closed bordered, isolated Japan to establish trade relationships.

Episode 124

Battle Experience from the Mexican-American War

As we prepare for our conversations on the Civil War, let's talk about a handful of "Civil War Celebrities" that earned their experience in the Mexican-American War

Episode 123

Battle of Mexico City

This week we finish up the Mexican American War with the Battle of Mexico City, which technically includes our last two episodes. We'll also learn how the battle was started by an officer who took it upon himself to march into the city...

Episode 122

The Battle of Chapultepac

In the last battle before taking Mexico City, Winfield Scott and his crew assault an ancient Mexican fortification in the hopes of removing it from Santa Anna's defensive arsenal.

Episode 121

Battle of Molino del Rey

This week we see Winfield Scott as he approaches Mexico City and gets sidetracked by Molino del Rey, a bloody engagement with little strategic value

Episode 120

Battles of Contreras and Churubusco

American General Winfield Scott and Mexican General Santa Anna square off again with the Battle of Contreras and what started as a cleanup operation that turned into the Battle of Churubusco

Episode 119

The Battle of Cerro Gordo

In this week's episode we'll jump into the slug fest between Maj General's Winfield Scott and Mexican Army General Santa Anna. We'll also see a few familiar names pop up, including that of Robert E Lee.

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